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News from the Kentucky Hospital Association
By Ginger - Site Admin on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 9:26 AM
Griffith Receives Patient Safety Hero Award

KHA and the K-HIIN group recently recognized Amy Griffith, RN, from Rockcastle Regional Hospital as the newest Patient Safety Hero Awardee. Griffith was nominated by Tammy Brock, the hospital's quality/patient safety director, for her efforts in leading patient safety improvements throughout the hospital. Brock noted that Griffith has taken the lead role in reducing readmissions in the organization and discharge phone calls are a huge part of that. 

Griffith was instrumental in instituting a new discharge call system, training and implementing the system, analyzing the data from the system and more. Griffith discovered the hospital's patients did not understand the medication sheet that was sent home with them, so she worked to create a better discharge medication sheet. She has taken over the role as a "care manager" and makes sure the discharged patients have everything they need to be successful at home. In one instance, a wife could not get her husband to his follow-up doctor's appointment, so Griffith worked with the doctor's office and the office's nurse practitioner was able to make a home visit.  

By Ginger - Site Admin on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 9:14 AM

The Kentucky Hospital Association filed a motion to intervene in the Kentucky Hospital Cooperative, Inc. (KYHC) liquidation. The Association contracted with Frost Brown Todd Attorneys to serve as outside counsel. The firm recently provided a proceedings update so that KHA members are fully informed on the current state of the case.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Mitchell, Esq., or Shana Nanney, senior paralegal, at Frost Brown Todd (859-244-7558).

By Ginger - Site Admin on Thursday, August 10, 2017 9:21 AM
Donna Davis Receives Patient Safety Hero AwardKHA and the Kentucky Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (K-HIIN) recently recognized Donna Davis, chief nursing officer at Georgetown Community Hospital with a Patient Safety Hero. Davis was nominated by Georgetown's CEO William Haugh for her efforts in leading patient safety improvements throughout the hospital. 

Per Haugh, Davis was the first CNO within LifePoint Health to become a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) by the National Patient Safety Board. In 2016, she led way for Georgetown Community Hospital to reduce the overall HEN HAC rate to 3.719 per 1,000 patient days, which was a 35% reduction from 2015. She also lead the organization to an overall readmission rate of 4.1% in 2016, which is below the national average and the 2015 GCH rate of 5.5%. Finally,...
By Ginger - Site Admin on Wednesday, August 09, 2017 8:43 AM
Twenty-one Kentucky hospitals were were recognized in U.S. News and World Report's latest rankings of the best hospitals in the country. The top seven hospitals in Kentucky (according to the magazine's recent ratings) were:

UK Chandler Medical Center, Lexington Nationally ranked in four specialties: Adult Cancer, Adult Diabetes and Endocrinology, Geriatrics and Adult Neurology and Neurosurgery High Performing in 8 Procedures/Conditions St. Elizabeth Edgewood High Performing in 8 Procedures/Conditions Baptist Health Lexington High Performing in 9 Procedures/Conditions Norton Hospital, Louisville High Performing in 6 Procedures/Conditions Baptist Health Louisville High Performing in 5 Procedures/Conditions Jewish Hospital, Louisville High Performing in 3 Procedures/Conditions Owensboro Health Regional Hospital High Performing in 3 Procedures/Conditions Fourteen additional Kentucky hospitals were recognized as High Performing facilities...
By Ginger - Site Admin on Tuesday, August 08, 2017 9:14 AM
From Politico Pro:

People living in poverty-stricken Appalachia have a lower life expectancy and higher rates of infant mortality than anywhere else in the country, according to a new study in Health Affairs.

Researchers examining life expectancy rates covering 2009 to 2013 found that among both men and women in Appalachia, the average life expectancy was 76.9 compared with 79.3 in the rest of the country. They concluded that the association between poverty and life expectancy was more pronounced in the region than elsewhere in the United States.

The biggest factors contributing to the life expectancy gap were cardiovascular disease, unintentional injuries including drug overdose, and cancer, the study found.

Smoking-related diseases accounted for more than half of the life expectancy...
By Ginger - Site Admin on Tuesday, August 08, 2017 9:06 AM
Did you, or someone you know, make it a professional goal to sit for the ACHE Board of Governors (BOG) Exam? The Kentucky Chapter of ACHE is sponsoring a day-long BOG Prep Course to help you become board certified. Many health care leaders and ACHE fellows have agreed to teach on the material you will be tested on in the ten knowledge areas. 


Friday, August 25


7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (ET) (lunch provided)


By Ginger - Site Admin on Friday, August 04, 2017 8:38 AM
As hospitals and their staffs work to assure that Medicaid patients get the care they need, those efforts often involve challenging managed care organization (MCO) medical necessity denials. New federal behavioral health parity rules are taking effect this fall to help assure that patients are not shortchanged in obtaining psychiatric and substance use disorder treatment. Under the new rules, MCOs are required to provide coverage for behavioral health services as generously as for physical health. For example, MCOs cannot impose treatment limitations on access to behavioral health services which do not apply to physical health. 

KHA is sponsoring a conference on August 18 in Lexington on Behavioral Health Parity, to explain the new rules and help hospitals and their staffs be able to identify potential parity violations. 

The Kentucky MCOs and the Department for Medicaid Services will be attending this conference – therefore, hospitals should be in attendance to have the same understanding of the new rules. The conference will feature national and state experts....
By Ginger - Site Admin on Friday, August 04, 2017 8:34 AM
Registration is now available for the KHA Fall Conference on September 19 in Louisville. The KHA Committee on Volunteers is excited to offer this program to the auxiliary officers, auxiliary members, volunteers, directors of volunteers and gift shop managers.

Registration includes a continental breakfast, lunch buffet, private showing of “The Greatest Race” movie played in their 360 theater and a self-guided tour of the Derby Museum.

Don’t forget to be thinking about the silent auction items to bring with you. Each item should be valued at $10 or more. The more items you bring, the more who can participate. 

View the brochure for details, to register and to sign up for the silent auction.

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Kirchem at KHA (

By Ginger - Site Admin on Friday, August 04, 2017 8:22 AM
On Wednesday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its Medicare inpatient hospital prospective payment system (IPPS) final rule for fiscal year 2018. This rule will significantly change the methodology for making Medicare disproportionate share hospital (DSH) payments. The new methodology will be phased in over three years. Preliminary estimates are that the new methodology will reduce Medicare DSH payments to Kentucky hospitals by about $77 million when the new method is fully in place in fiscal year (FY) 2020. KHA filed comments strongly objecting to these changes. Please note, this methodology only affects hospitals paid on a DRG basis, who also qualify for Medicare DSH.

Summary of Medicare DSH Changes

Hospitals that qualify for Medicare DSH payments will continue to receive 25 percent of the Medicare DSH funds under the pre-FY 2014 DSH formula, known as the empirically justified DSH payments. The remaining 75 percent of payments, which are paid from a...
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KHA's latest Sponsorship Opportunities brochure is now available. Learn how your company can reach and network with Kentucky's hospital decision makers.

Sponsorships include opportunities at KHA's signature event, the 89th Annual Convention — May 10-11, 2018.

There are several different sponsorship levels to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please contact Pam Kirchem at KHA (

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The KHA District Meetings for Fall 2017 are scheduled. Please mark your calendar and save the date for these important events. NOTE THE DATE CHANGES BELOW. Registration will start at 9:45 a.m. local time, the meetings will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. local time and lunch will be provided. Additional details will be available soon.

October 13 
Ohio Valley 
KHA Headquarters
                    October 19 
Blue Grass District 
Saint Joseph Hospital
October 20
Cumberland District 
Baptist Health Richmond
October 30
Twin Lakes District 
Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

If you have any questions, contact Pam Kirchem at KHA (

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Fowler Accepts Circle of Life AwardLast week, KHA Platinum Sponsor Bluegrass Care Navigators was honored by the American Hospital Association (AHA) with the Circle of Life Award. The Award celebrates innovative palliative and end-of-life care programs in hospices, hospitals, health care systems, long-term care facilities and other direct care providers.

Chief Executive Officer Liz Fowler accepted the award at the ceremony in San Diego.

Read more about their programs and why the organization was honored in the Circle of Life Book from the event.

By Ginger - Site Admin on Thursday, July 27, 2017 8:58 AM
The National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) will present a complimentary workshop on August 14 in Erlanger hosted by St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Participants can network with other health care professionals and discuss basic best practices in cybersecurity.

NH-ISAC is providing free educational programs through grants from Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC,) the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

View the flier for agenda details and register online to reserve your seat.

Please send additional inquiries to

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CIGNA LogoCigna, leave management services provider to many KHA hospitals, is ranked among the top five carriers in market share in Group Disability, Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration.1 As an industry leader, Cigna believes they understand the needs of their clients and develops innovative programs that bring value every day to help improve their customer’s overall health, well-being and sense of security. 

Cigna is an endorsed carrier of KHA Solutions Group. View the CIGNA brochure for additional details.

For more information, please contact Darlene Phillips at KHA (800-945-4542 or via email at

1 LIMRA,...
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Two of KHA's biggest annual events are scheduled, so mark your calendar now and plan to attend! Additional information will be available in the coming months.

KHA Health Care Leadership Conference
November 3
Embassy Suites

KHA 89th Annual Convention
May 10-11, 2017
Lexington Convention Center/Hyatt Regency Lexington

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Owensboro Story BoardKHA staff members and representatives from two Kentucky hospitals — Owensboro Regional Health and Spring View Hospital — are attending the HRET national meeting, "2017 The Journey Ahead: Advancing Health in America" in San Diego this week. Additionally, Owensboro Regional Health presented a story board at the meeting.

K-HIIN was able to sponsor two representatives from two hospitals to this combined meeting of HRET, the Institute for Diversity, and the Physician Leadership Forum. The goal of the event is to co-create a new direction, engage in robust discussions about the future of health care, and share ideas with colleagues from across the country. Specific topics covered include quality and patient safety, high reliability, equity, patient and family engagement, physician inclusion, population health...
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A KHA team lobbied the Kentucky congressional delegation on July 13-14 at their Capitol Hill offices in Washington, D.C. KHA Legislative Chair Nina Eisner, along with Sherri Craig, KentuckyOne Health; Rosanne Nields, St. Elizabeth Healthcare; Riggs Lewis, Norton Healthcare;Lourdes Baez, Baptist Health; David Critchlow and Alan Larson, LifePoint Health; KHA President Mike Rust and Vice-President Sarah S. Nicholson, met with all the members and staffs of the Kentucky delegation to discuss the ACA repeal and replacement legislation, including the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), and other key issues.

The revised BCRA was introduced in the Senate while the group was on Capitol Hill.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that the Senate would vote on the ACA replacement legislation as it was time for the members to vote up or down on the legislation and then move on to other issues. If the BCRA replacement legislation fails,...
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KHA is once again hosting a Kentucky Infection Prevention Boot Camp on September 26-29 in Louisville. The 2017 Boot Camp was developed through a statewide collaborative aimed at supporting Kentucky infection prevention professionals in their daily work to reduce health care associated infections and provide quality patient care. The three and a half day conference builds on foundational skills provided in previous educational offerings, and explores topics with emerging importance. The target audience includes infection preventionists, chief nursing officers, risk managers, quality improvement and patient safety personnel from all types of health care systems including hospitals, health departments, long-term care, ambulatory surgery and others.

For details, view the brochure. Online registration...
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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid is inviting all network providers, coders, billers and practice managers to participate in coding education webinars throughout the month of August. The webinars provide an opportunity to:

Explore risk adjustment and how it impacts all patient types, payers and risk-sharing contracts Discover the connection between documentation, coding, risk adjustment and quality care Discuss guidelines for documentation and common electronic health record issues Earn 1.5 CEU and 1.5 CME units Sessions will be held on Thursdays:

August 10 August 17 August 24 August 31 Online registration is available now. Providers are also welcome to complete this form...
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Most Wired LogoSeveral Kentucky hospitals and health systems with hospitals in Kentucky were honored by the 2017 Health Care's Most Wired survey, conducted by Hospitals & Health Networks and the American Hospital Association with the assistance of several experts from the field.

In addition to the survey's usual topics, for the first time, the survey included detailed questions on how quickly data could be restored in the event of a disaster that causes the complete loss of the primary data system. More than half of the Most Wired (58 percent) said clinical information systems such as the EHR, laboratory and radiology would be available within four hours, compared with 49 percent of all respondents. Close to half of Most Wired respondents also said that within four hours, they would have access to financial systems,...
By Ginger - Site Admin on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 9:04 AM
Governor Matthew G. Bevin is seeking to appoint a certified licensed nutritionist or an applicant with a dual nutrition and dietitian license to the Kentucky Board of Licensure and Certification for Dieticians and Nutritionists. According to KRS 310.040, this person must also represent state or local nutritional programs or be in private practice.

Pursuant to KRS 310.040, the Kentucky Hospital Association is permitted to submit a list of nominees for potential membership on the Board.

All nominees should submit an application to Boards and Commissions for consideration, together with a resume.

If you would like to make a recommendation, please ask your applicant to complete the Boards and Commission application. The application may be completed online and resume uploaded at .

Lastly, please let KHA know of your recommendation so the Association...
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MidSouth CAH Conference Banner

The Mid-South Critical Access Hospital Conference, representing rural health care in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, will be held August 16-18 in Nashville. 

Held annually, this August marks the 15th year for the Mid-South CAH Conference. Nearly 150 critical access hospital (CAH) C-suite executives and management teams, along with community leaders and agencies focused on rural issues, will convene at this premier event to discuss health care for rural populations. There will be multiple peer networking opportunities and numerous face-to-face educational credits through the American College of Healthcare Executives, as well as continuing education for nursing, nursing home administrators...
By Ginger - Site Admin on Monday, July 10, 2017 8:03 AM
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) has been law since 2008. MHPAEA provided that health plans could not limit mental health or substance use disorder benefits in any way that was more restrictive than how medical/surgical benefits were limited. This sounds simple enough…but why do so many people still have limited access to behavioral health care? The Conference on Behavioral Health Parity: What Is It and How Can We Make It Work? will explore this question, and give attendees the opportunity to hear from experts on how to work within the parity law, to better understand it and to benefit from it.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) will be aviailable for Social Work, LPCC, Psychology, CADC, LMFT and Nursing.

For program details, view the brochure. Registration is open online...
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KHA Solutions Group has added the Patient Transition of Care platform from Sequentia Corporation as its latest partner in its Affinity Partner program. Sequentia’s web-based solution offers health care providers the system, tools and data necessary to fully optimize the patient transition of care process from “end to end” in the continuum of care. Beginning with patient admission into a hospital for acute care, the Sequentia system tracks, accelerates and enhances the patient journey into and through post-acute care, with any type of care provider that is required to deliver the best patient care outcome. Hospitals using the Sequentia platform can achieve significant operational and financial performance improvements.

Sequentia Corporation is a developer and provider of health care technology solutions, and the Sequentia TOC platform is a Certified Health Information Technology platform.

The Sequentia system has been used for over three years at Ashtabula County Medical Center, a Cleveland Clinic...
By Ginger - Site Admin on Wednesday, July 05, 2017 8:47 AM

KHA released a report today on the performance of the five Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) operating in Kentucky The report was compiled from public data from 2016. The report provides information on medical loss ratios, utilization review denial rates, quality scores, corrective action and prompt payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Galvagni at KHA (

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The 2017 Healthcare Coalition Conference is September 26-28 at the Hyatt Regency Lexington and the Lexington Conference Center. The Conference is designed to meet the educational needs of health care engineers, professionals involved in managing safety & security in health care facilities, as well as professionals in health care supply chain and materials management. 

The Healthcare Coalition Conference will include top-notch educational content, hours of continuing education credits, as well as ongoing opportunities to discuss emerging issues and best practices with colleagues, vendors and consultants. 

Registration is available online at

By Ginger - Site Admin on Friday, June 30, 2017 8:11 AM

The KHA Small, Rural and Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Forum will meet on July 27 at KHA Headquarters in Louisville. All small, rural and CAH CEOs, CFOs and COOs are invited to attend.

This meeting will include a CAH swing bed cost reporting workshop, an update from KHA on the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) distribution model, MACRA resources for rural hospitals and a KHA Swing Bed Workgroup planning session.

Registration is due by July 20 at

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Cobb at KHA (

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The Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program (KPAP) is a service that helps qualified patients obtain their prescription medications through the medication assistance programs offered by drug companies. KPAP assists patients with prescriptions at a reduced charge or no cost at all. It provides a 90-day supply of brand name medications directly to the patient or they are mailed to a partnering site where the patient can pick them up. Thirty days before the medication is to run out, the patient is alerted that a refill is needed. Thus, improving adherence and continuity of care for the patient.

Hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, free clinics and faith-based organizations can become a partnering site. KPAP consultants come to your facility and set up the program. They provide training and follow-up training as needed, all free of charge.

KPAP is a web-based program that compiles information into one central database. The patient must be a Kentucky resident, but the program...
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MidSouth CAH Conference Banner

The Mid-South Critical Access Hospital Conference, representing rural health care in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, will be held August 16-18 in Nashville. 

Held annually, this August marks the 15th year for the Mid-South CAH Conference. Nearly 150 critical access hospital (CAH) C-suite executives and management teams, along with community leaders and agencies focused on rural issues, will convene at this premier event to discuss health care for rural populations. There will be multiple peer networking opportunities and numerous face-to-face educational credits through the American College of Healthcare Executives, as well as continuing education for nursing, nursing home administrators...
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KHA Team at Ceremonial Bill Signing of SB4Yesterday, Governor Matt Bevin, joined by state legislators and constituents, ceremonially signed more than a dozen pieces of recently enacted legislation at the State Capitol. Among the acts signed were House bills (HB) 128 and 161 and Senate bills (SB) 4 and 79.

SB 4 requires peer review of medical malpractice complaints by medical review panels before medical malpractice cases can go to court. A complaint can bypass the panel and go directly to court only by agreement of all parties.

Photo (left to right): KHA President Mike Rust; KHA Vice President of Health Policy Elizabeth Cobb; KHA Legislative Committee Chair Joe Koch; Governor Matt Bevin; Senator Ralph Alvarado (SB 4 sponsor); KHA Vice President of Government Relations Sarah S. Nicholson; and KHA Board Chair Susan Starling.

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